Public Brewing

Posted on January 29, 2017, 10:37 pm


Public Brewing is an interactive media installation, developed in the context of a master thesis from a fellow student. The aim was to represent the brewing process of top-fermented German darkbeer from the well-known brewery Uerige in Düsseldorf, by allowing to control a huge projection onto the brewery facade with a control element. Our project group worked on additional content, by developing an augmented reality application. The AR app was also responsible to communicate with the control panel and thus react to the users interaction.

The interactive projection is controllable via a control panel in the form of a big box. The user can insert a coin to start the media installation, whereby he gets a real beer after the playthrough. The AR app provides a way, to look inside the box and observe the ongoing process. This idea is based on the magic lense methapher. For instance, if the user inserts a coin inside the box, little draft workers start performing several different actions. Since the media installation was presented in the evening, one challenge was to provide a stable tracking of the box despite the darkness. Because the returned beer bottle carries an exclusive label, we also developed an AR app, to track the beer bottle. Therefore, a virtual letter is placed into the bottle, which can be opened and read.

The AR content was later on used to create an additional virtual reality experience by using a head mounted display. This extension allows the user to get inside the box and view the content not only with a mobile or tablet device, but also with a HMD in 360°. We presented the AR content, for instace, at the Inside AR conference in 2014 and at the CEBIT 2015.


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