Posted on January 29, 2017, 10:38 pm


The shape of a 3D Fractal can be manipulated by changing the mathematical formular. Thus, we can get an endless amount of different shapes from just one 3D fractal. This project aimed to create a media installion for an audio-visual user experience.

Based on some relevant biometric user parameters, a unique 3D fractal shape is generated and an ambiant sound is synthesized. The user specific biometric data are, for instance, heartbeat rate and skin conduction. The 3D fractals are rendered in 4k resolution and also in stereoscopic. To achieve additional interaction with the user specific 3D fractal, the user is tracked by a Microsoft Kinect 2. As a result, the user can rotate the 3D fractal using his hands and move the camera by moving around.

This interactive audio-visual media installation was presented at the Mensch & Computer conference 2015 and at some other events, such as the innovationshub 2015 and the Nacht der Wissenschaft 2015.


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