Morgen ist jetzt

Posted on January 29, 2017, 10:37 pm


Morgen ist Jetzt is an interactive media art installation for the fair, Luminale 2014 in Frankfurt am Main. The purpose of this installation is to call attention to the climate protection by teaching children the importance of saving energy in a entertaining way. For the media installation, 3 interactive games had to be developed, which I have relized as a private project with 2 fellow students .

The Luminale is a fair, where the attractions are distributed in the whole city, Frankfurt am Main. Morgen ist Jetzt was placed in middle of the Frankfurt town square. Therefore, a huge hemisphere was placed at the town square, which was illuminated after evening and stands for a spaceship. People could enter this spaceship, where they got information regarding the represented topic and played games, that were developed from us. A 3 sided pillar was centered in the middle of the spaceship, with each side containing one game. The interaction with these games were achieved by applying pressure to a streched cloth, embedded to the pillar.

The development of the games were realized using the game engine Unity3D. To archive the interaction by applying pressure to a cloth, we decided to use the Microsoft Kinect for XBox 360. With the depth sensor of the kinect, the desired interaction was achieved. One challenge was arranging 3 Kinects in a way, that they do not interfere with each other and also reading the depth data, due to the small depth changes and the thin cloth, as well as the lighting.

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