Posted on January 29, 2017, 10:39 pm


Birds is an interactive media installation developed as a student project. The idea was to create an interactive painiting, which should be permanently exhibited in the university building. This results in two main requirements. Firstly, having a robust configurable software and secondly, to ensure the security of the obscured devices. In any case, the media installation should be an eye candy.

We decided, to create a virtual scene, where cute realisitically moving birds fly around as a flock. Thereby, each bird has an individual mind, which enables the interactibility of the media installation: A couple of birds can sit on a rope, placed at the frontmost of the whole scene. These birds behave like birds in the real enviroment, meaning, that they can be scared or observed with a quiet manner. The challenging task was to animate the birds in a way, that they look realistic and that their intimidation degree is recognizable.

The whole media installation was built with a team of 6 students in one semester, including the software development, 3D modelling and the construction of the hardware. The hardware was manufactured in the wood workshop in our university, which was an exciting task. We also worked a lot on the 3D content, to obtain a good looking virtual scene beside the eye candy hardware. The software was developed with the game engine Unity3D. By now, the media installation Birds has been exhibited at our university.


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