360° Zoo

Categories: Virtual Reality

Posted on January 29, 2017, 10:38 pm


Producing interactive content for 360° user experience via head mounted displays is a lot more different than creating content for 2D applications. The goal of this project was to develop an interactive application for viewing 360° videos with a HMD. For this, some animal cages of the Duisburger Zoo were filmed, to allow an interactive virtual tour through the Duisburger Zoo. However, we were able to get into the actual animal cages to record the 360° Videos. Thus, the user can view the animals from perspectives, he would normaly not be able to.

For recording purpose, a rig of six GoPro cameras was used, resulting in six seperate video files. To achieve one 360° video, these six video files were then stitched with Kolor Autopano. Using Unity3D, an application was developed to view the 360° videos interactively using a HMD. The user can customly navigate by focusing icons, placed within the 360° videos. The user is also able to select different icons for different actions: to change the 360° video, to get additional information about the animals, to watch 2D videos within the 360° videos, or to change the perspective within an animal cage.


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